Kelsey Campbell

~EC Competition coach ~ Pony Club level A ~


Kelsey Campbell grew up riding in Southlands  at a very young age. It was here she found her love for the sport. At a young age Kelsey was very competitive in other sports such as soccer, baseball, and field hockey. At age 13, Kelsey joined the Vancouver Pony Club and began competing as an eventer. Her competitive spirit took her across North America and around the world, competing at events such as the International Exchange in New Zealand with the Canadian Pony Club where she placed first as an individual and helped Team Canada take first place overall. 


Kelsey has had the privilege to work with top riders and trainers to develop a well-rounded skill set. Since 2007, Kelsey has been helping other young riders of all levels and disciplines find their passion in the sport. Kelsey hopes to continue the development of her skills as a rider and coach, and in turn, share that knowledge with the next generation of young riders.